Cheshire Plumbing and Heating

Ventilation Services

Ventilation is an important aspect of any building. We are able to offer advice as to the design and installation of many different types of ventilation systems ranging from Swimming Pool Hall climate control systems complete with Air Handling Units to the supply and install of Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (MVHR).

1. Heatstar Air Handling Unit

2. Spiral Rigid Duct Work Installation

3. Mechanical Heat Recovery Unit (MVHR) Complete with associated ductwork

4. Heating and Cooling Duct Work

5. MVHR Design Principle

6. Commissioning of a MVHR system using an Air Flow Anemometer


  • Heatstar Air Handling Unit
  • Spiral Rigid Duct Work Installation
  • mechanical heat recovery unit
  • heating and cooling duct work
  • MVHR Design Principle
  • comissioning of a MVHR Design Principle